Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) 2018: “Kisah”

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Kurator : Hafiz Rancajale dan Harry Purwanto
Tipe Pameran : Pameran Bersama
Rentang Waktu : 18 Oktober – 30 November 2018
Venue : Grandkemang Jakarta
Proyek Terkait : Proyek Pasar Minggu

Maria Silalahi berpartisipasi dalam kolektif, bernama Milisifilem Collective.

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Karya yang dipamerkan :
Maria Silalahi memamerkan dua gambar dalam seri “Proyek Pasar Minggu”;
Gamber seri “Proyek Pasar Minggu” yang dipamerkan berjumlah 25 gambar


Gambar karya Maria Silalahi: charcoal di atas kertas

297 x 420 mm


Through the theme “KISAH” (‘Story’), will remark in two possibilities. First; The story as the main subject becomes the frame of the artists and designers’ works. Here, artists and designers will narrate an event, moment, story, reality, or imagination that can be constructed into a ‘new reality’ which can be relevant in the present and future contexts. Second; The story that departs from the experience of artists and designers as a process of working within a certain period. Through this, visitors will be invited to enjoy various creative stories and processes of artists and designers who have contributed greatly to the development of Indonesian contemporary design and art. (Kurator: Hafiz Rancajale & Harry Purwanto. Diakses dari situs resmi ICAD).


Foto Karya :

Maria Silalahi, “Proyek Pasar Minggu”, 2018.
Maria Silalahi, “Proyek Pasar Minggu”, 2018.


Tampilan Instalasi :

Foto: [Courtesy of] ICAD.
Foto: [Courtesy of] IndoArtNow.